Razia F. Ahmad





A highly educated English and Urdu language fiction writer of repute who has been writing for several decades and has been awarded a number of prizes on her literary works




1.High School: Awarded scholarship.

2. Bachelors Degree Honor Graduate, First position in the University, Awarded Gold Medal

3. Masters Degree     Literature.


Literary Achievements

Books published in by different publishers.


a. Eight novels

            b. Two novelettes

            c. Five collection of Short Stories

            d. One collection of Short Stories in English

            e. Two travelogue

            f. One collection of Humorous Essays

            g. One collection of Plays.


2. Awarded prizes for one novel and one travelogue

3. Read papers in writer’s conferences and seminars

4. One of the Novels was included in the curriculum of Bachelors class in the University.

5. Name included in International Authors and Writers Who's Who


Works translated in other languages.


A number of Short Stories were translated in Hindi, English, Gujrati, Chinese and Turkish.


Works published in American magazine


1. 'Sasta', 'Paper is Money' short stories translated in English, were published in Short Story International, Great Neck, New York


2. Four Humor articles Published in Daily Herald, Chicago


Works broadcast from BBC


1. Short stories 'Paper is Money' and 'London for Londoners' broadcast from BBC

World Service, London


Works broadcast and telecast from Pakistan


1. Adaptation of novel 'Abla Paa' serialised from Radio Pakistan

2. Ten plays broadcast from Radio Pakistan

3. Three plays telecast from Pakistan Television


Plays Staged


1. 'Bolta Goongy' staged by PAF Academy Risalpur.

2. 'Aaj Naqd Kal Udhar' staged by Presentation Convent Murree

3. Adaptation of novel 'Abla Paa' staged by Government Girls College Rawalpindi